Tips And Tricks To Living With A Well-Behaved Dog

People choose to bring a pet into their family for many reasons. It might be because they are an adorable companion. No matter what your reasoning for getting a dog, having a well trained one will be ideal. This means you have to train your pup! You will find great tips below that will help you to properly train your dog.

There are different tricks you can try when you are crate training your dog. If they don’t want to go in the crate, try luring them in with a treat or chew bone. As soon as they smell the tempting treat, they will want to get into the crate to enjoy it. Give your dog some praise when he gets inside, so that he further associates being in the crate with good behavior.

Continuously maintain all training that you have done with your dog, and consider adding new behaviors as you go. Canine training must be practiced to maintain obedience behavior, and that is one thing that many owners neglect to remember. Some dogs will revert back to negative behaviors if the training does not continue. Make sure your dog has a regular routine.

Be patient when training a dog. Patience prevents both of you from becoming frustrated and angry during the training process. Your pet wants you to be happy, but he or she cannot always understand the human language.

“Leave it” is a command that should be taught and reinforced early on. Teaching them to “leave it” will stop them from destructive chewing and coming in contact with something that could potentially hurt them.

So, now are you ready to get to work? This idea has gotten you started in the right direction. It’s great to have a well-trained pet. It takes a lot of time and patience with consistency being the key element. But, it will be worth it when you look into those lovable eyes that are eager to follow your every command or the sweet little puppy that grows up to be the perfect companion! Use the above advice that most applies to your situation.