Package Includes: 1 x colorful string light. With warm light, it looks very beautiful&romantic in the night.4 M String Light with 40 LED little bulbs. Mini and artistic appearance, it is easy to carry.Battery powered,low power consumption, safe...

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Take back control and wave goodbye to unwanted guests in the garden with the VonHaus Animal Repeller. Via two ultrasonic speakers, the unit emits sound waves at a frequency which is only audible to the likes of cats, dogs, foxes, mice, rats,...

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Proudly made for quality.This portable electronic mosquito repellent is designed to:"make mosquitoes irritable and stay away!"Approximate Size: 3" x 0.8" or (7.5 cm x 2 cm)(Please note that the pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only and...

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These Electronic Rat Killers offer a quick, effective, humane and environmentally friendly way to get rid of rats and mice. They will last for years and are capable of killing many mice and rats as they are reusable. When a rodent, attracted by...

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Get Your Critter Runnin'! C.O.C. "Critter Operated Chopper" Is The Latest Exercise Toy For Hamsters And Gerbils, Fueled By Real Rodent Power. This Interactive Motorcycle Features An Adjustable Operating Wheel That Helps Your Critter Biker Maneuver...

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