SUGARY, SOFT & FIZZY DRINKS ARE THE CRIME WE COMMIT AGAINST OUR OWN HEALTH Women should drink about 1.6 liters of fluid per day, while men should drink 2.0 liters. Forget sugary, soft and fizzy drinks, which are high in acids, sugar and calories!...

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Plastic, fruit shaped bird feeders that are easy to dismantle, fill and clean. Rust free construction throughout. Ideal for most types of bird feed including seed, nijer and mealworms. Also available individually. Food not included with bird...

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1m x 30m Welded wire mesh roll. 13mm x 13mm square holes (1/2" / 1/2 inch). Hot-dipped galvansied. Security Fence, Dog Fencing, Garden Fences, Aviaries, Fruit cages, pet enclosures, deer fence. 19 gauge wire (1mm thick) Welded Wire MeshHot Dipped...

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Wild Fruit Suet Cake. Suitable for a variety of wild garden birds. Size approximately 12.5 x 12.5 x 4cm. Wild Fruit Suet FeedSuitable for Wild Garden BirdsMeasures approximately 12.5 x 12.5 x...

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Great for protecting your soft fruit and seedlings from damage this Botanico Fruit Cage Netting is made from strong stretchy plastic which can easily be cut to whatever size you require. This netting is the ideal way to provide cover for your...

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High Energy Robin Feed With Insects.900g bag.All Year Around Feed.Ideal for all wild garden birds.Made from pinhead oatmeal, cut maize, peanut granules, red millet, sunflower hearts, berries, fruit, suet pellets & dried mealworms.Store in a cool,...

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