Fluval Vegetable Pellets are a highly nutritious fish food containing spirulina, four types of vegetables, and kelp that is specifically formulated to support the overall well-being of fish. Spirulina is a highly beneficial ingredient that...

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Fluval Cichlid Flakes is a high quality, ultra palatable fish food specifically formulated to help keep cichlids active and vibrant. An excellent daily source of healthy nutrition, the fish food provides a rich supply of proteins, trace elements...

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Fluval 4 Plus Underwater Filter Carbon Pads come as a 4 pack containing fine pads which have been impregnated with active carbon. These carbon pads are effective in the removal of toxins, colorants and odours from the aquarium. Fluval 4...

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Helps reduce aquarium maintenance by helping to reduce waste in gravel, power filters, decoration and on interior aquarium surfaces. Rapidly reduces organic waste from overfeeding, fish waste and other decaying materials Helps reduce aquarium...

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The Fluval Sea CP2 Circulation Pump has a compact and innovative design to minimise tank intrusion, maximise energy efficiency and deliver a smooth broad stream of ocean-like current. These efficient circulation pumps are easy to install and...

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Fluval U4 PolyCarbon Cartridge Traps fine debris improves water clarity and removes odors. Geniune Fluval PartPolyester/Carbon cartridge provides thorough and effective chemical filtrationPolyester filter pad side filters out fine debris and...

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