Rosewood Latex Ice Cream Squeaky Dog Toy, Fruity Lolly

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The Soundbite Dog Bone will provide hours of fun & exercise for your dog. The large dumbell/bone shape with a giggle noise inside will really keep them interested. No need to squeeze this to make a noise it simply needs to be tilted from side to side. Made from safe durable materials these come in assorted colours. Size: Length 9″, Diameter 4.5″, centre grip 4″ long, 2″ diameter.

You will have a happier and more content animal, with less risk of developing behavioural problems originating from fear, aggression or boredom.

  • Who doesn’t love ice cream?
  • Fun and unique squeaky latex ice creams!
  • Perfect for games of throw and fetch.
  • Suitable for small dogs.