PetsN’all Invisible Pet Fence System | 27000 ft2 2500 m2 0.6 acre | In-Ground Pet Barrier Control Dog Fence System Underground Dog Fence Containment System with Water Resistant Electric Dog Collar & Transmitter

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PetsN’all Invisible Pet Fence System In-Garden Pet Barrier Control Dog Fence System Underground Dog Fence Containment System with water resistant Electric Dog Collar & Transmitter


Our in-ground electric pet fence system keeps your dog safe and secure inside set boundaries, reliable and cost effective. The buried wires communicate with the rechargeable receive collar around your dog’s neck to train your dog to stay within the established area. Using a series of stimuli, the system will issue incremental static charges as your dog continues closer to the boundary.

How it works

To create an invisible fence around your yard to keep your dog safe and protected, bury the boundary wire around the desired range and use the boundary marks as a reminder. Fit the collar receiver to your dog. The buried wire transmits a harmless radio signal, causing your dog’s collar receiver to deliver stronger and stronger stimuli as it approaches the boundary. This will teach your dog to stay within the established boundaries. Detailed instructions of installation and training are included in the manual.

What’s included

Set includes:

1 x Indoor wall-mounted transmitter

1 x Power plug for transmitter

1 x Adjustable receiver collar

1 x Supplied charger for receiver collar

1 x Boundary wire of 200 meters

2 x Extra metal contact points

20 x Boundary marks

1 x Test bulb

2 x Screws

Comprehensive user manual

  • INVISIBLE FENCING SYSTEM: Invisible fencing system allows you to safely and effectively keep your dog secure in your yard
  • RECHARGABLE RECEIVE COLLAR: Rechargeable receive collar is cost effective and reliable. System allows for as many collars as you’d like for use with multiple dogs of any size (One collar is included)
  • PROPORTIONAL STIMULUS: Stimulus is automatically adjusted based on how close the dog is to the boundary. Variable field width control allows you to precisely control the width of the signal field
  • SAFETY SETTINGS: Equipped with built-in lightning protection and audio/visual wire break indicators for added peace of mind
  • WIDE COVERAGE : UP TO 2500 SQUARE METER (27000 SQUARE FEET/0.6 ACRE) COVERAGE to give your dogs ample space and security