PENN PLAX Add-A-Stone Air Pump Accessories, 5.5-Inch by 2-Inch

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With the Aqua Mist Add-A-Stone aerating ornaments you can create a beautiful flow of bubbles that will add to your decor while helping to aerate your aquarium. Made of a durable porous material, each Aqua Mist Add-A-Stone can be connected to your air pump and tubing (not included) using the standard 3/16 tubing connection to provide an endless stream of bubbles. A second connection allows for the addition of more air stones or ornaments so there is no need to run an additional lines all the way back to your valves or pumps. The Aqua Mist Add-A-Stone can be set at any angle in your tank and can be buried without fear of clogging. Approximately 2 wide, these stones are available in 5-1/2 and 10 lengths and will look perfect in your underwater environment.

  • Provides a continuous tower of bubbles to help aerate your aquarium
  • Durable plastic can be buried or hidden to add to your décor
  • Uses a standard 3/16″ tubing connection