Farm Care Electric Fencing Equine Starter Kit TALL POSTS


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Equine Starter Kit, Very easy to use , What comes in the kit ? ,1 x equiSTOP B1 ,Comes with 55Ah 9v battery nothing extra needed ,Self contained sitting on its own earth stake ,Built in handle , Designed for fencing horses, Battery can be upgraded to give nearly one years constant running No need to carry heavy 12v batteries around Solar Kit can be added ,Powers up to 3 km of fence ,2 Year Warranty ,20 x 4 ft White posts ,(Extra post avalible) ,1 x 200m white 20mm tape,( Not 12mm tape like some kits), Plus Gate handle ,(So you can get to your horse ),Warning sign ,4 Insulators ,(So you can start and end the fence against a tree or wooden fence ),Note: we send this kit out with a 9v 55ah dry cell this will give up to 3 months ( more if the unit is turned off at night ) run time for the  energiser. All you have to do is plug in the battery and the energiser is working ., ,This type of battery is not rechargeable , ,___________________________________________, Everything you need to divide up a paddock or fence in your horse / pony.

  • Electric Fencing Starter Kit
  • Complete with 9v energiser ready to work for up to 3 months
  • Comes with 20 x 4ft posts and 200 meters of 20mm tape
  • Ideal for horses