Hanging Plant Silk - Ficuss - 40cm (16") in length. Length 40cm (16").Extremely realistic replica.Easy to clean.Creates natural hiding spots for reptiles and amphibians.Includes suction pad to allow hanging from...

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The Komodo Premium Bearded Dragon Vegetable Diet has been specially formulated to provide young and old Bearded Dragons with the whole amount of nutritional requirements they need per day. By placing on fresh greens you are giving your Bearded...

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Dried Mealworm. Suitable for a variety of wild garden birds. 800 gram bag. Mealworm Bird foodSuitable for Wild Garden Birds100gram...

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Diamond Small Geometric Glass Terrarium / / Handmade Glass Planter / Modern Planter for Indoor Gardening / Stained Glass Terrarium - hand made by LoveGlass BUY DIRECTLY FROM THE ARTIST Please note the content of terrarium (e.g. plant, soil,...

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Low profile with a smooth non-porous surface that won’t harbor bacteria.You get 2 dishes with this deal.Size: 18x15x2cm the other one is slightly smaller as you can see by the picture.Colours may...

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The incubator BK60 is a perfect tool for the optimal cultivation of animal cells and eggs. Ideal for the breeding of poultry and reptiles. During the incubation, the BK60 automatically regulates the temperature and incubation time. Turning the...

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