The Fluval® Foam Pad captures large particles and debris for effective mechanical filtration, the crucial first stage in the filtration process. Custom-sized, it fits perfectly inside the filter chamber to prevent debris bypass. The foam pad has...

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Not to be used dry Has huge water holding capacity Natural Mineral product Vermiculite Fine, for reptile eggs and invertebrates needing high humidity over substantial periods.Where a highly humid environment needs to be stable for extended...

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Extremely realistic replicas of real plantsEasy to clean and maintainCan be used in conjunction with real plantsCreates natural hiding spots for reptiles and amphibians Ideal for use in more 'sterile' set-ups (e.g. quarantine terrariums) or used...

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Automatic egg incubator JN12 for between 9 to 12 chicken eggs, 8 duck eggs, 6 goose eggs or 30 quail eggs. Suitable for other type of eggs. Hatcher function with separators removable tray, temperature control with digital screen. Precision: 0,1...

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The F10 Products F10SCXD Veterinary Disinfectant / Cleaner is a biodegradable, multi purpose disinfectant and cleanser for hard surfaces, equipment and air spaces that has a pine fragrance. Ideal for use on lightly soiled areas such as cages and...

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Cuboctahedron Reverse Small Geometric Glass Terrarium / / Handmade Glass Planter / Modern Planter for Indoor Gardening / Stained Glass Terrarium - hand made by LoveGlass BUY DIRECTLY FROM THE ARTIST Please note the content of terrarium (e.g....

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