Anti Bark Ultrasonic Dog Collar – Stop Barking Device


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Anti Bark Ultrasonic Dog Collar – Stop Barking Device

Unlike all other bark collars on the market, this device is NOT triggered by the sound of your dog barking – it is activated by vibration alone. This prevents false activations from surrounding noise, making the process faster for your dog to associate the high-pitched sound with its behaviour and not simply frustrate the dog as with most other devices.

How does it work?

The adjustable dog collar is a battery-operated device that uses high-pitched frequencies to teach your dog not to bark. A vibration sensor detects whenever the dog barks then emits a series of very high-pitched tones, which irritate your dog, distracting it from whatever it was focusing on.

Reinforce the dog’s training with a firm ‘No’. The dog will usually learn to associate barking with the unpleasant noise, which should reduce or even eliminate ‘nuisance’ barking.

This is a training aid and as with all products involving animal behaviour, results vary from one dog to another. The device should be used in conjunction with spoken commands to reinforce the message; whilst many dogs are trained quickly, some can need more patience and perseverance and in very rare cases the results may be less than totally effective.


– Size: 6.5cm(2.6 inch) x 6.5cm(2.6 inch) x 1.2cm(0.5 inch) approx
– Fully CE and RoHS Compliant
– Water Resistant
– Triggered by Vibration only
– Lightweight
– Battery-operated (supplied) – Takes Lithium 3V battery
– Audible Test switch

  • Water resistant
  • Adjustable settings for sensitivity
  • LED Indicator for easy monitoring of activation
  • Simple to use, and harmless to your pet
  • No harmful chemicals