6 Pack DC 12V E12 Candle Chandelier 6000k 2 Watt LED Edison Filament C35 Light Bulb MES Mini Base Lamp (Cool White)

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The Original Vendor Of Low Voltage Lighting For Today’s Energy Storage Solutions , Connect And Assemble With The Millions+ That Are Being Illuminated By Our Technology

From 12Vmonster , America’s Leading Low Voltage Lighting Solution Brand And Vendor

✓ High quality COB LED filament for maximum lifetime – rated up to 25000+ hours with over 80% brightness and end-of-life.

✓ Runs 90% cooler than conventional halogens and packed with frustration free packaging that is environmentally friendly

✓ Works with any 12V power pack or power banks. Also works great for any 12V deep cycle lead batteries. Can handle unstable voltage spikes up to 36V

✓ Fully dimmable and works with most dimmer

✓ Mercury IR free for your peace of mind

✓ World-class customer service and warranty , just tell us the problem , and 12Vmonster will find a solution and fix it

For the utmost peace of mind and longer-lasting light bulbs – think 12Vmonster and choose the 12Vmonster LED filament retro series

  • 2 Watts + Transformer free – For use with any low voltage DC 12 volt power source and handle unstable voltage spikes up to 36V – which include and not limited to cars , boats , marinas , trucks , motor homes , RV , off grid solar systems , other renewable energy systems , theatrical productions , train , trailers , remote cabins , landscaping lighting and much more application
  • Safety first and internally fused – Join us in an increasing diversity in lighting tech these days , low voltage LED bulbs are more flexible than ever. Mount them anywhere you want and eliminate the need to have AC wiring or cable running around everywhere providing a much safer solution
  • Great for custom lighting effects with massive savings on energy consumption. Take advantage of a safer lighting solution for your remote lighting needs.