4x Galvanised Chicken Wire Mesh Hen House Rabbit Hutch Pet Runs Fencing Rolls 50M x 90cm


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4x Galvanised Wire Mesh Rolls

Mesh made from single galvanized steel wire woven at each intersection.

Provides a strong mesh with resistance to penetration, making perfect to build screens in pet hutches and chicken coops, also great for the garden and vegetable patches.

The mesh is semi rigid and can be used to make attractive features, such as circular supports.

Approx Dimensions (each roll):
90cm (H) x 50M (L) x 40mm (Mesh)

All dimensions are approximate and taken at the maximum points of the item, unless otherwise stated.

  • Woven Galvanised Steel
  • 50M Rolls
  • 90cm High
  • Semi Rigid
  • 40mm Mesh