FULL AUTOMATIC incubator BK 9, 9-12 chicken eggs, hatching machine, breeder, hatcher


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Automatic egg incubator JN12 for between 9 to 12 chicken eggs, 8 duck eggs, 6 goose eggs or 30 quail eggs.
Suitable for other type of eggs.
Hatcher function with separators removable tray, temperature control with digital screen.
Precision: 0,1 ºC.
Temperature rage: between 30 to 42 ºC.

Size: 35 x 25 x 17 cm
Power: 60W
Voltage: 230V ~ 50 Hz


  • Fully automatic incubator for professional cultivating animal cells and eggs with a capacity of 24 eggs. Also duck, goose, quail – and reptile eggs, but also many other types of eggs can hatch hereby.
  • The incubation time, temperature and humidity are adjusted automatically. If the values differ, an alarm will give advice.
  • Water channels, as well as a built-in fan ensure a regulated humidity inside the incubator.
  • With a clear control panel and a simple display the temperature is easily and quickly manually in steps of 0.1 ° c. adjustable.
  • A built-in, high-performance motor decreases the elaborate and time-consuming work of manual Wendens of the eggs. So an optimal breeding atmosphere and high hatching rate is guaranteed.