Decorative small planter pot designed to look like an adorable catA contemporary clean look, this white ceramic flower pot will add a beautiful touch to your living spacePerfect for succulent and cactus plants. Plant not includedCan be used...

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This pet cage is a fantastic unit to keep your pets in, perfect area for rabbit, hamster and other outdoor animals. This is a great home for animals to be secure and away for the weather elements. It looks great and has a practical use, made with...

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Chudleys Rabbit Royale is a complete muesli mix of pellets, micronised cereals, forage, herbs and vegetables suitable for adult and growing rabbits. This balanced diet has been formulated to promote a long, healthy and active life for your...

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. Diese Hamsterleiter ist flexibel und kann so auch z.B. in Wellenform im Käfig angebracht werden. Da die Leiter keine Sprossenzwischenräume hat, wird dem Hamster ein problemloses Auf- und Absteigen ermöglicht. flexiblehangingcan be attatched...

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These are extra roomy San Remo pet house cages; your little critter will be in orbit in this cage, its got a easy to clean base that clips from the top of the cage, and inside there is a whole mountain of amusement for your pet The cage...

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    Yummy treats for all small animals..Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice and rats.Complimentary food for all small animals.Ideal as a treat.50g. Yoghurt drops are suitable treat for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters,...

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These are a extraordinary, the all in one cage for you pet, at first glance you may think its just a cage, well it's a pet transporter too, that's great if you have to visit the vets, or if you have a weekend away with your pet, you can reduce the...

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