1. Ideal size for succulent, airplants, cacti or other plants with easy maintainence2. Perfect for adding visual interest to any space3. Open from the top that allows you to easily place your plant4. Size: 24*24*6cm5. Made of ultra clear sodium...

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. Diese Kunststoffplanzen sehen sehr natürlich aus und sind ideal, um ein schönes Tropen- oder auch Wüstenterrarium einzurichten. Durch den Felssockel aus Steinimitat lässt es sich sehr einfach in das Terrarium einbringen. Realistic...

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F10 Products Hand Gel is a skin decontaminating antiseptic hand scrub that does not require the use of water. Just rub your hand together after application until they have dried. ... Waterless skin decontaminantBroad-spectrum and fast-actingForms...

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The BK10 suitable for the cultivation of animal cells. The duration of incubation, and the temperature control are automatically governed by the BK10 during the breeding process. the eggs must be turned manually by hand. The BK10 incubator is...

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"Spanish Moss" is a fast growing Airplant which takes the appearance of a moss or lichen. A clump of T. usneoides is actually a large number of plants hanging from one another. In the wild, it can be found hanging from tree branches or cliff...

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Cuboctahedron Small Geometric Glass Terrarium / / Handmade Glass Planter / Modern Planter for Indoor Gardening / Stained Glass Terrarium - hand made by LoveGlass BUY DIRECTLY FROM THE ARTIST Please note the content of terrarium (e.g. plant, soil,...

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