Feature: The bottom of the unit has built-in water channels making the control of Humidity levels an easy task. An easy to understand and follow instruction manual will easily get you through the set-up process. The 56 egg incubator can house 56...

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Related to the pineapple family, Bromeliads include over 3000 species. In general they are inexpensive, easy to grow, require very little care, and reward the grower with brilliant, long lasting blooms and ornamental foliage.These are easy to...

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Composition: Dried Mealworms Description: Dried mealworms are a prime source of nutrition for many wild birds and are a particular favourite of tits and blackbirds without the need to handle live food. For an even more appetising treat try...

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Egg Incubator Hatches 96 Digital Clear Temperature Control Automatic Turning New Features: -Digital temperature control-can be adjusted between 20-50 centigrade degree and provide a constant temperature incubating environment. -At the bottom of...

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Use to create a basking area of high, localised heat. A reptile basking light will provide an intense beam of light and heat which tha animal can quickly warm itself. The lamp is designed to concentrate the heat in a small local ar By Pet Things...

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High quality geometric terrarium, made of framed transparent glass. It is ideal for raising succuents and cacti. It is also stuitable for planting tropical plant varieties, such as mosses, orchids, ferns, and air plants. It is geometric, so it...

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T8 Reflectors include plastic tube holding clips. When a fluorescent tube is lit it is emitting rays of light from all points around its circumference.When the tube in question is over an aquarium any rays emitted from the top half of the tube...

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Highly recommended for cactus plants by the leading brand Growth Technology Cactus Focus Repotting Mix is designed for best results with the widest range of cacti and succulentsIt is free draining to promote healthy root growthContains peat,...

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Temperature Range: - 50C - 650C (-58 F - 1202F) Accuracy: +-2% or +-2C Distance Spot Ratio: 12:1 Emissivity: 0.95 Response Time & Wavelength: 500ms & (8-14)um Repeatability: +-1% or+-1C Resolution: 0.1C or 0.1F Storage Temperature: -20-50C...

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Large Squirrel Trap 24X7X8. Gardening how to member tested and approved; set and release with just one handGalvanized for rust resistance; durable - high tensile steel; patented, safe-release leverMachine welded mesh; sturdy door lock ensuring...

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Bird-scaring balloon has eyes that scare away pests and protect gardens. Used widely in orchards and nurseries. Bird-scaring balloon has eyes that scare away pests and protect gardens.Used widely in orchards and...

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Package Content:1pcs miniature wood chair ornament Specifications: Perfect for any miniature garden,dollhouse or dhadowbox scene Suitable for succulents,various other decorative fence potted,looks great indoors or outdoors Suitable with small...

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